Steve Ogilvie Custom Tracks 
build tracks to order.  We can supply successful designs 
such as the 'Grandstand' or 'Blue King' or develop a new 
design for your raceway or club. We are the World's largest 
manufacturer of commercial tracks.
D.C.Power Supplies     
Power Adjusters            

Services include
 2, 4, 6,& 8 lane slot car tracks
30 to 75amp at 13.6 volts
Whole track or individual lane versions 
Computer  track management systems      

Track Rebuilding 
Track Rentals         
Trade Shows 
Custom built slot cars for Special  Events 
                                        (set of 4 cars minimum)
Our tracks and custom built cars are consistent crowd pleasers at 
everthing from car dealership openings to medical conventions. 
Millstream Raceway at Ringwood UK, the home of British Slot Car 
Club, only race on Ogilvie-built tracks.

Call for a quote
Tel:    1.519.881.2511
Fax:   1.519.881.0999
E.mail: ogilvie@bmts.com 

Steve Ogilvie Custom Tracks
RR #3
21 Maple Creek Drive
Canada N2Z 2X6        

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Brian Crosby of Ogilvie Tracks 
takes time out on the Hamble River
with his wife Lee.Brian was visiting
Millstream in November 04 to help 
resurrect the Super 8 & relocate 
the Daytona.

BRIAN CROSBY visits Millstream 
in April 2003 for maintenance on our 
Daytona Track.Brian below visited 
Southampton Football Club at  St 
Mary's Stadium and also gave the
Daytona a full workout on Friday
prior to the Friday 1/24 scale Big 
Race Night!

Ogilvie make the world's best pro tracks.
Steve Ogilvie visited the UK in July 2001 
to do maintenance at Millstream Raceway.
Pix show Steve outside Houses of Parliament
& the London Eye,  the biggest doughnut of them all!